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Historical overview

The diverse operations carried out by INTLANTIC S.A. at Dock 13 allowed us to create a private port company for the administration of this multipurpose dock leased by the national navy. In this way on 1 August, 1996 the Consorcio Interamerican Coal Colombia S.A. and Inatlantic S.A. became GRUPO PORTUARIO S.A.

The terminal has a line of 200m and an accessory area of 45,000 m2 for the handling of minerals, steel, iron, fertilisers and general cargo. As it was a multipurpose terminal, GRUPO PORTUARIO S.A. consolidated its operations over the years by technifying part of its processes, especially those for the loading of minerals, with the acquisition of two ship loaders with a capacity of 1,400MT/h.

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